Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

As a seasoned event’s organizer who has taken a sanely strategic decision not to dabble in the planning of elaborate weddings, I am faced with a dilemma this year of managing my daughter’s wedding. It’s in September, so my blood pressure is still a textbook reading.

As the MOB, here is my perspective of the 5 things I’ve learnt and am still learning.

  1. .. The Wedding Dress

Understand your body shape and what suits you. However also have an open mind and don’t be fixed on a particular style. In most cases the dress you are least likely to choose, once you’ve tried it on, may be the one and make you look like a princess.

  1. Décor Dilemmas

Don’t get me wrong… Pinterest is amazing and what’s trending is fabulous. However do some research and find out what’s available locally, it will save you a lot of heartache and money and you can still create a bespoke wedding with a few trendy elements that suits your personality and pocket.

  1. Flowers and Foliage

Always choose flowers in season – it will have a huge impact on the quality and the cost. Foliage and texture are all the rage. Huge volumes of flowers are out. Add flowers for softness and foliage for drama.

  1. Venue

Don’t be blindsided by the beauty of the venue at first sight. Look for the hidden costs in the quote. Ask about the complimentary additions, services and common guest areas that can be used to enhance your guests wedding experience. And always scrutinize the food preparation areas and bathrooms… take nothing for granted!

  1. Save the date – E notifications

Social Media – aren’t we all on it. Use it to your advantage, create a group of all your guests or close friends. Better still send them all a save the date. It creates excitement, costs nothing, can be expertly designed with a hint of the theme for your much anticipated event and easily sent on WhatsApp…. Your guests will eagerly await a formal invite!

That’s it for now..

Make sure to look out for the next series of tips … I hope you found these valuable!

Written by: Zaida Enver, Pure Grit CEO

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