We bring you the 2018 Plascon Colour Forecast

We bring you the 2018 Plascon Colour Forecast


It is with much excitement that I share the news with you that the 2018 Plascon Colour Forecast will be launched today at Decorex Johannesburg. Held at Gallagher Estate, it is one of the most anticipated shows of the year! Decorex takes place from 9-13 August, the first day falling on Women’s Day. There is no better way to celebrate than to join us at the show!

Let’s just get straight into the good stuff…

For the past couple of years we have chosen a Colour of the Year. This year the Plascon Colour Team decided to do things a little different, choosing instead to have a Neutral of the Year. It captures the essence of the year’s trends and is really easy for anyone to incorporate into their own colour schemes.




The 2018 Neutral of the Year, Amadeus. Photographs by Justin Patrick and Henk Hattingh

Amadeus (Y2-B1-4) is an earthy, yellow-tinted hue that helps to bring a space together. It’s a neutral with character which, when combined with other colours, brings a grounding energy.


The Colour Forecast is put together to not only help us decode the myriad of colour trends, it is also here to help us make them relevant for use in our homes.

Built from four colour stories, each story has its own personality and characteristics. I’ll let you in on a secret: I do mix them up in my own home, as they are all just too fabulous!

Colour Story One: Exotic Euphoria

The name says it all. This story is visual in its expression; the colours are amplified and dare we say a little wild – a range of blazing brights complemented by a selection of lush natural hues.


Colour Story One: Exotic Euphoria. Beautiful brights like Fuscia Fizz, Tangerine Tango and Glorious Gold complemented by Starlight Express and Evening Mist. Photographs by Justin Patrick and Henk Hattingh.



Colour Story Two: Soft Composition

This is the contemplative story of the four… It draws on the forms and colours of the past, but updates them to create a calming yet grounded experience. It consists of muted colours with bold retro accents. This is definitely one of my favourite colour stories, as I love retro design with a contemporary feel.



Colour Story Two: Soft Composition. Beautiful contemporary feel with a retro twist. Storm Cloud, Amadeus and Julianne Jade are just a few of the delicious colours featured here. Photographs by Justin Patrick and Henk Hattingh



Colour Story Three: Craft Spirit

In celebration of our world of infinite inspiration through connection, Craft Spirit pays tribute to rich global influences. We all have a link back to the crafted works of the past; rediscovering and remixing this is key today. Our Colour of the Month for August, Rooibos, features as part of this colour story.

plascon 2

Colour Story Three: Craft Spirit. Colours like Inuendo, River Reeds and Rooibos accented with Ocean Melody, African Mud and Tuscan Wall spell eclectic décor! Photographs by Justin Patrick and Henk Hattingh.



Colour Story Four: Hi-Glo

This theme could be named as the rebel of the four. Rule-breaking and focused on personal expression, this theme is less serious with its very quirky colour options. It explores fun, digitally inspired design. Fresh sorbet colours like lime, lemon and pink paired with mid-tone primary colours and grounding earthy colours feature here.


Colour Story Four: Hi-Glo is all about personal expression with fun, digitally inspired design. Colour names like Kiwi Salad, Hot n Spicy and Genevieve Song say it all. Photographs by Justin Patrick and Henk Hattingh.



Visit https://plascon.com/CF2018 for more information on the 2018 Plascon Colour Forecast. Let us know which of the four colour stories appeal to you.


Written By: Zurita Moore

Sourced from: Plascontrends.co.za

Images Sourced from: Plascontrends.co.za


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