The Smart Plant

The Smart Plant

The Smart Plant


If  you have ever owned a plant which has never lived long enough. There is a new solution, which is low maintenance and the biopod is the answer to those who are botanically challenged, it was created by Biologist Jared Wolfe. This device can be operated by an app and can create a self-sustaining forest like environment for growing plants indoors. Indoor gardening is attracting the attention of plant lovers and techies alike. There are sensors which track humidity, ventilation and temperature. Biopod has a server that adjust the habitat of these plants remotely.


This product takes visual art to a new level and can be placed in the bedroom, living or dining room. The biopod has an HD camera, so you can view the tank remotely from work or when you away. Not only can you view this beautiful biopod remotely you can access a range of features such as programming the tank to follow different weather patterns in different countries or follow the current weather outside in your current location. The biopod app for Android and IOS allows you to update the environment of the tank. There is a Wi-Fi capable remote, which allows you to lock the tank so no one enters the tank without permission. These tanks are the coolest indoor plants with integrated technology and is available at



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Written: by Suhail Timol

Date: 25/10/2016

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