Attracting sponsorship is often a daunting task for Event planners. Most event organisers use sponsorship to mitigate the high financial costs of running a successful event.

Sourcing event sponsors can be tricky. Convincing sponsors to invest in an event with a positive growth history can be difficult, however convincing sponsors to invest in a new event without a proven track record is even harder. With trading markets being volatile in South Africa and abroad, company strategies are always evolving, marketing budgets are being cut and marketing teams are constantly under pressure to prove funds have been used in the most efficient manner.

Having considered these market related complexities, Sponsorship managers have the challenging task of targeting sponsors properly by carefully researching their strategic and growth goals.

Once potential sponsors are identified, sponsorship packages must be tailored to suit their respective strategies, identifying ways the event can promote their product or service offering in the most efficient ways to attendees.

Sponsorship can be collected in various ways by identifying strategic areas of the event that have great branding potential.

Once successful matches are made between potential sponsor and packages on offer, selling sponsorship becomes a great deal easier.


Pro tip : it is easier to maintain a  relationship with an existing sponsor then to acquire a new sponsor and culminate a new relationship. Sponsorship is based on trust.


Written by: Aalia Enver, Pure Grit Project Manager

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