Nu-Metro’s 4DX cinema coming soon to Joburg’s movie scene


Johannesburg’s Hype Park Nu-Metro is currently under revamp, the 4DX Cinema is to open its doors to the public at its inception in September.

With only two -Out Of This World- 4DX cinema houses in South Africa, Nu-Metro introduced the first 4DX cinema experience to Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront followed up by a penetrating demand at The Pivilion in Durban.

“This much-anticipated overhaul will bring the cinemas at this prestigious Johannesburg location in line with our top-end offering at the acclaimed, upper-class Hyde Park Corner shopping centre.

Apart from adding multiple Scene VIP cinemas and lounges – South Africa’s first ever Scene VIP cineplex – all cinemas’ equipment will be upgraded to the latest world-class sound, projection and screen technology. Luxurious recliner seating, newly styled interior décor, carpeted flooring and refreshed space design also form part of the plans for Nu Metro Hyde Park.

The cinemas and lounges will be licensed, along with a la carte food menus and all the other premium Scene VIP offerings. And, now, 4DX has also been added to the mix!” enlightens Nu Metro Cinemas GM, Nitesh Matai.


It’s beyond thrilling to watch images come to life in real life if you know what I mean? Who knew that watching a movie would soon be somewhat of an out of body experience?

Here’s why the 4DX movie viewing is an unmatched sense engaging adventure:

Hold on to your seats as the motions and vibrations instilled take you on a baby rollercoaster, you will not be spared so come prepared to be in-between water and wind and slightly uncomfortable.

Scent, fog and lightning are also some of the other 4DX viewing features one can come across, but they can still do with a little tune-up.

Nu-Metro certainly didn’t shy away on distinguishing their cinematic services, and wowing the hell out of us. Talk about redefining the way we watch and experience movies.

It is advised that pregnant women, people with epilepsy and children under the age of 5 are not allowed to take part in 4DX.

“Nu Metro Cinemas is very excited to introduce Gauteng audiences to 4DX. It fits our commitment to supplying customers with a fully immersive cinema experience, utilizing the best, most up-to-date world-class technology,” states Nitesh Matai, GM for Nu Metro Cinemas.



Nu Metro has been in partnership with CJ4DPLEX, creator of 4DX based in Seoul Asia – the world’s first 4D cinema technology – since last year for feature films.

This collaboration has brought 4DX to African cinemas screens for the first time, with plans in the pipeline for the opening of two more locations as soon as the Hyde Park Corner cinema is complete.

If you want in on the 4DX hype and cannot wait, buy your movie tickets for R120 at the available cinemas.

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By Lerato Kudumela

26 July 2016

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