Latest Trends in Conference Stage Design

Latest Trends in Conference Stage Design


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21 February 2017

Long gone are the times when spectacular event stage designs were reserved only for concerts, shows and entertainment events. They have invaded even the types of events considered as the most formal and unimaginative ones like conferences, corporate and business events. Luckily so, since event stage design could totally transform the feel of any event increasing its impact and making it stick to people’s minds.

Set design companies and AV providers have become real magicians in turning a simple stage into a compelling and fascinating experience that keeps attendees actively engaged. Below, you could find the latest trends in conference stage designs and some great conference and corporate event stage designs themselves:

Latest Trends in Conference Event Stage Design

  • Branding with the Colours of the Event/Brand: that’s not a new trend but it’s a must nowadays and thanks to the lightning effects and the imagination of the set designers and AV experts, we can enjoy some truly creative and innovative stage branding.


  • Layered Lighting, Special Effects Lighting and Projection Mapping: light has the power to totally alter the whole experience of the event attendees, making all that’s going on on the stage so much more engaging and exciting for them! Your AV partner could create the perfect atmosphere for your event needs using different techniques: be it a suitable-for-learning or inviting-to-discussions or team-work environment, relaxing ambiance or even a miniature dazzling light show for entertainment purposes.  So let there be light!


  • Flat Screen Display Technology/ Multiple Screens: multiple screens have turned to a must for bigger events since they allow more viewing angles so that all attendees could enjoy a better view to the stage no matter where they are seated. When it comes to event screen technology,however, the future lies in the flat screen display technology. As the event tech expert Brandt Krueger predicted on the future of event tech in another articles of ours: ”Imagine an entire stage set covered in flat screen display technology, with no projectors necessary!”


  • Comfy Furniture Around the Stage: comfy furniture like soft couches, sofas, armchairs and even beds create  that homey environment and help attendees feel more at ease that leads respectively to better perceiving of the information by attendees and higher engagement and involvement audience rates.


  • Nontraditional Stage Shapes: nontraditional stage shapes, like circle or pentagon stage surrounded by the attendees from all sides, are one of the latest trends in stage design inspired by the rise of unconventional event formats such as campfires, fishbowls, Pecha Kucha, Open Space Technology and Unconferences. As the new formats themselves, these new stage designs allow for more interactivity, higher engagement and unique attendees’ experience.


  • Creative and Sustainable Stage Designs: when it comes to small events with small or zero budgets, it’s your creativity and inventiveness that could make a stage memorable even without the use of expensive AV technology. You could, for example, hire an artist to design an art installation on your stage that will surely make an impression (a practice used by TEDx events). “DIY”-stage could be quite fascinating as well, not to mention the environmental benefits if working with used materials: use some hand-made set pieces made of recycled materials (you could try used plastic bottles, paper, fabric, you name it). Another simple but always-working idea is to go outside (if ,of course, the season, the weather and the type of event allows it)- nature or urban environment are that free stage decor that brings positive and energizing vibes to any event. Never forget that the limit is just your imagination!

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