Jabulani Makhoba meets his scholarship sponsor, Pure Grit

Jabulani Makhoba meets his scholarship sponsor, Pure Grit

Jabulani Makhoba meets his scholarship sponsor, Pure Grit


Guido Ceruti (Pure Grit CFO) & Jabu

On the 7th October 2016, Jabulani Makhoba was invited to the office of Pure Grit Project and Exhibitions Management to meet his Scholarship Sponsors,Zaida Enver and Guido Ceruti. The Pure Grit team had the honour of conducting a short interview with Jabulani and his story was nothing short of inspiring.

Jabu was raised in a single parent home an informal settlement in Nigel. He lost his mother at an early age after which he spent most of his adolescent life residing at family members and various orphanages. Jabu struggled with school at Solomon House Orphanage and found it hard to focus. Jabu solemnly explained “growing up as an orphan without any family, does not mean that you cannot have dreams or pursue a career”. He later requested to move in order to focus on his studies and was moved to an orphanage in the township of Thembisa where he spent most of his high school years. Jabu felt as though was handed a raw deal, he was an orphan with nowhere to go and no one who cared for him. At 19 he was “kicked out” of the Orphanage in Thembisa being too old to stay. “At the orphanage, there were a lot of naughty children however if you were good they would make a plan for you and luckily I was good” explained Jabu. Jabu’s life changed drastically when he met Acts of Love, a Church who does work in Thembisa. Soon after completing his matric, Jabu was adopted by a Security Guard and moved to Polokwane with his new family. During his Matric year, Jabu applied for various bursaries and scholarships. Jabu Explained, “I prayed hard, I always believed my God is great and something would come up”. A few months later Jabu received a call from Acts of Love and explained that, they had found a sponsor willing to pay for his Tertiary education. Jabu had previously applied for Journalism at UJ and was ecstatic he could finally pursue his dreams. He graduated with a BA Degree in Journalism at the University of Johannesburg

Jabu currently works at TNA Media under the ANN7 banner where he interns as an online multimedia editor, editing raw footage and posting this to the TNA and ANN7 websites. He is also a junior tech writer for ANN7.

“If it was not for Pure Grit and Act of Love, I would have struggled to pay for my education and complete my degree.” Said Jabu.

Jabu explained “God is great, and has a plan for everyone. Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself and tell yourself that you are smart because of where you come from, but I have learnt that I am smart and with the help of God I can achieve anything regardless of my circumstances.”

Jabu further expressed “My journey in life has not been an easy one, from the minute I got that call I was being sponsored, things started to look up and I was able to follow my dreams and change my life. Now that I have graduated I want to work as a Tech Reporter.”

To my sponsors “I had always thought about this day, the day I would get to meet you and now that we are here, I am lost for words. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me” – Jabulani Makhoba

gradJabu at his graduation

Picture courtesy of: Acts of love

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