By Women for Women : 12 August 2017

By Women for Women : 12 August 2017

As a woman owned and managed company, we all understand the pressure of being financially secure, both single and partnered in a volatile economy especially when one has dependents. The ideal of reaching financial security through owning ones business can be daunting and the challenges faced are endless.

The team at Pure Grit with the expertise and contacts that they have at their disposal are committed to creating an annual platform in October for these new business entrepreneurs to engage with like minded experienced women in business to share in their success and learn from their failures; all this this aimed at creating and growing sustainable businesses.

The platform will take the form of an interactive seminar/workshop/panel discussion with the opportunity to network and engage with speakers one to one.

The seminar will come at no cost to the delegates and the aim is to have all of these elements sponsored. The idea is to have women give off their time to the development of other women creating a legacy of successful and sustainable businesses and financially secure women.

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