Dîner en Blanc the jager of events


Heaven on earth once a year is what the Dîner en Blanc event has become synonymous with. A world-wide event populated in 5 continents and 50 cities, it’s truly a slice of utopia everyone needs to nibble on once in their life-time.



The ritzy Diner en Blanc function is not aided by advertising. The only way to be in the know is by mistakenly bumping into its mystic hush-hush society.

We heard via the narrow grapevine that it will take place on the 27th of September this year in Johannesburg. Now all that’s left is to tune in on the specifics of the iconic location.



The Dîner en Blanc mise en scene is a privy chic all-white swagger dress code picnic. If you’re lucky enough to join the magic circle on September 27th it is imperative you tick off the items on the must bring FYI memo.

The below must be strictly all-white:

  • Dress code from head to toe
  • Two chairs and a table
  • Picnic basket and gourmet meal for two
  • Table cloth and cloth-napkins
  • Cutlery, dishware, glassware and garbage bag
  • Wine or Champagne as beer is not prohibited



A flash-gather at a prior agreed upon location to be picked up in a bus, and then whisked away to an untold happy valley.

It’s hard to deny that the elusive calibre of the event is enough to get you speculating on how you can get your hands on a ticket.

The five hour marvel is beyond my vocabulary, and I wouldn’t want to be a spoiler of nice things. So like a sales man would say ‘you have to be there to understand.’



The coming together of quality food is an experience on its own, not to mention the wine and sweet sounding music set to perfect the ignition to a successful event.

The magic in the air seals the deal as great company, dancing and unknown pleasantries embrace the course of the night.



How does one take park? Well there’s three phases to register to be a part of Dîner en Blanc Johannesburg.

Phase 1: Being a part of the host or leader personal network and getting an invite via the.

Phase 2: By knowing someone who is registered in phase 1 and asking them to sponsor you for phase 2.

Phase 3: Signing up to the waiting list and registering.

Dîner en Blanc International situated in Montreal is responsible for the development of this furtive classy picnic in about 40 cities and more since end of 2013.

By Lerato Kudumela

27 July 2016

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