8 Ways to use Social Media for Events

8 Ways to use Social Media for Events


  1. Use Facebook

Facebook has over 650 million active users and is considered the most effective social media channel to promote an event. Aside from simply creating a Facebook event in your business page, one could also create a short and simple event hashtag that is unique to your brand and the event. Facebook ads are another way to promote your event. Boost your Facebook event as well posts pertaining to the event with information that possible attendees may need to know


  1. Create pre-event hype

Create hype prior to the event by starting a countdown and offering sneak peeks for what your audience can expect at your event. If it’s not a first time event it would be worth showing your previous show. One should also post informational posts with information regarding early bird deadlines and registration windows often to ensure people are constantly informed. Build further excitement and anticipation by revealing speakers and special guests in a creative way as those drive interest in the attendance of an event


  1. Engage with influencers.

Identify and reach out to influencers who have authority in the industry. A collaboration with an influencer humanizes the event as people can be encouraged by people they already relate to. Influencers can also live stream during the event


  1. Live stream the event

Live streaming the event allows those who could not attend an opportunity to engage with the event, this can also be used as a marketing opportunity for the next event. In addition there is a potential to reach a lot more audiences in numbers and allows them the opportunity to engage with the show despite the lack of physical presence at the show


  1. BTS

Share behind the scenes footage prior, during and after the event. This allows people some insight into what it takes to build a show to be the best it can be for the audience. This also provides an engagement opportunity with your audience that ultimately builds trust with your followers


  1. Photo opportunities

It is important to encourage attendees to post about the event on their social media. One way of doing that is an official photo booth with your branding. Another way is providing photo opportunities throughout the show that attendees can take advantage of and post on their personal social media pages


  1. Blog posts

Your speakers can guest write blogs leading up to the event to entice attendees about their work as well what they can expect. A blog post reporting back on the events as well as a recap of the reasons for having the event will help keep the buzz around your show as well as create new audience and excitement for the next event


Written by: Maserame Mabotsa, Pure Grit Events Coordinator

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