Hosting a Birthday Party, Bridal or Baby shower?

Here is how to choose the right venue,

Always start by deciding on a theme and making a Pinterest board. Pinterest is a great place to source ideas, however keep in mind not everything may be available in South Africa. Give yourself a budget, going overboard can get super expensive.

Once you have a theme and a budget in mind, choosing a venue becomes a lot easier. Google can be your best friend when searching for venues but be careful not to take all the pictures of the venue websites and Google at face value. Once you have a list of venues, review them against your budget (is the venue within your budget for the amount of guests you are inviting), your theme (does the venue fit your theme or can it accommodate décor that does), what you’re getting for your money (does the venue come with tables and chairs, cutlery and crockery?) and dietary requirements (Are they able to make specialised meals like Halal and Kosher). Narrow your list down to your top 3, visit each venue, taking your own pictures.

A few handy questions you may want to ask the venue coordinator are;
1. Do you have sufficient parking for my guests?
2. Do you have disabled facilities for guests who may be disabled?
3. What does venue hire include? Tables? Chairs? Cutlery and crockery?
4. How can you assist me with specific dietary requirements? This will apply if you have Halal, Kocher and vegetarian guests and if you are not taking in your own caterer.
5. If you are bringing in your own caterer, what is the surcharge?
6. What time can you have the venue from to set up décor?
7. What time do you have the venue until, if the party runs over what are the after hour rates?
8. What are the corkage charges
9. Does the venue come with AV and Technical ( If you need to make a speech/ play music)

Beverages are a little tricky to negotiate with venues, some venues allow you to bring in your own alcohol at a corkage fee, some have bar facilities that you are obligated to use. Always ask what the venue rules are with regards to this.

From the information you’ve gathered you should be able to make an informed decision which venue to choose

Pro Tip: Beautiful Venues need less décor, if you are on a budget find a venue that matches your theme as far as possible so you save on additional décor to create the theme.
Some of our favourite venues are:


Ozzy’s Kitchen, the décor is art gallery chic, making it the perfect place to host an upmarket event. Ozzy is accommodating when it comes to dietary requirements and always goes the extra mile.

The Venue, Melrose Arch, their events team is efficient and incredibly professional.

Bella’s Restaurant Sandton, this is an intimate yet sophisticated venue, perfect for small Bridal and Baby showers.

The Saxon Hotel and Villas, is the perfect place if you are looking for something exclusive, sophisticated and intimate. Their menu is glorious and they are happy to accommodate your dietary requirements.


Written by Aalia, Pure Grit Project Manager

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