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  1. Technology

Technology is fast becoming a game changer in the event industry. Designing a technology strategy to suit your Event or Meeting requirements and theme can enhance both your event experience as well as generate useful awareness.

Technology can be usefully incorporated into your Event or Meeting theme by converting printed elements into a digital format such as digitizing menus onto a downloadable format on ipads and distributing event packs on branded USB Memory Sticks.

  1. Attendee Experience

Everything from event environment and location to the manner in which invitations are sent out contributes to the attendee experience.

Most Events and Meetings are run in a similar format. Mixing up your format and paying special attention to the intricacies of creating a unique and well planned Meeting and Event, will definitely have your attendees coming back

  1. Venue and Location

Most Events and Meetings are held at conventional venues. Unconventional Event and Meeting spaces can be converted into unusual networking areas create an interesting element to any event.

  1. Attendee Match Making

Match making tools pair strategic goals of attendees to achieve more structured and targeted meetings, this is an important trend in 2016.

Event value is often measured by the interest generated from participation at an event. The least amount of meaningful contacts obtained by an attendee at your event, the less they perceive your event to be of value and the less likely they are to return.

  1. Event Greening

Being conscious of the environment we live in is fast becoming the most popular Event and Meeting trend in 2016. Event companies are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint by digitizing all printed media, using recycled material as furniture, reducing electricity consumption, wastage and by recycling material used.

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