Monthly Archives: June 2019

How to calculate ROI in the real world

ROI is the profit, benefit or return resulting from your event, expressed as a percentage of its total cost. But how does this work in the real world? This can be expressed as a mathematical formula: ROI = (created value costs incurred) / (costs incurred / 100) For a commercial company created value can easily be expressed in terms...
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Five shares on managing project teams

Managing diverse and complex stakeholder objectives during the duration of the project is challenging. However, managing a service team with complex and diverse deliverables are equally challenging. Five tips that I feel might help you navigate through your project plan.
  1. Communicate and agree to clear, meaningful and effective goals and expectations to your team. Winning...
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How to Communicate Better Your Event Needs

Your event’s success depends on how well you can communicate your planning goals and needs to the people who’ll be planning it. If you aren’t fluid in your communication and can’t express exactly what want to achieve by running the event, chances are you won’t be satisfied with the results. From interacting with an event agency...
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